Long Form Rambles

March 28, 2013

it’s important that I use a website where i allow my thoughts to breathe. And by that I mean this blog is for those who are interested in the story and care to read the written word. For this reason I will do what it takes to maintain my wordpress blog, which has now become a destination to my long form rambles. Unlike Tumblr, It’s particularly awesome to hear back from a reader and that dialogue is fortunately still alive on wordpress. I do have a Tumblr page, but it serves a different purpose of more reactionary regurgitation’s. My posts on tumblr are a mix of personal and other artists works that I’m inspired by. So if you have a presence on Tumblr, you can click and follow me.

Alexandra, The Shower Series, 2012

Alexandra, The Shower Series

This post is an honor to the showers. As time has gone on…my showers have continued. I’ve been shooting them since 2009 now and I’ve learned that It’s not until you spend a few years doing something that you can really decode what the term “on going” means. People continue to visit the shower and that has been steadily amassing itself. I’m attaching a couple images below so you can catch a glimpse of endless new shower-ers. I hope that this will be a monograph soon? So stay tuned here to find out and Thanks for taking the time to read.

New Showers

Forbes, India and Maa Laxmi

November 15, 2012

My project Darshan (projectdarshan.com ) began in 2011 and most recently I got a call from Anjan Das, Design Director of Forbes, India who had a crystal clear vision for my Maa Laxmi image. It was thrilling to hear the excitement in his voice about what he had in mind for our collaboration.

Anjan said Forbes, India has a flagship issue that focuses on the wealth and prosperity of the 100 richest Indians. Called the Forbes India Rich List (Collector’s edition). He felt my image of Maa laxmi would be a fitting face for it. While the proposition was exciting, at first I was a little surprised that a business publication would go with such a bold cover. As Anjan said “it’s all about having a vision” and he certainly did!

Anjan went on to discuss how his plan was to pay particular attention to details like gsm, fluro orange, silver printing and a special embroidered saree box that would be used to package a limited edition 100 of these magazines. I was sold on not only the intent of he project but particularly Anjan’s and Forbes’s care towards the printing process.

Finally with Diwali approaching, the timing was perfect. It indeed became a blessed time for Maa Laxmi and Forbes to have found each other. I have a photograph of the magazine and a location shot of the magazines at a landmark bookstore in Bandra, Mumbai. Both images are shot by Anjan Das. Also this cover made it into Coverjunkies most popular covers of the month.



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July 19, 2012

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Thank you for being readers and commenting on my work and images. This journey of web logging will continue on here

On Huffington Post Ipad magazine

June 29, 2012

Im very excited to share that Darshan is featured as a six page story on the Huffington Post Magaizne for iPad. If you own an iPad please download download the “Huffington” App. The Newest issue is for 99 cents has a section titled moving image. I am very happy about the way it is reproduced on there. Please download and enjoy!

Maa Laxmi previews at Pulse, May 3-6 NYC

May 3, 2012

Maa Laxmi from my Darshan project will be previewing at the Art Fair Pulse New York 2012 from May 3rd to May 6th. For those of you who live in New York City, it would be great if you got the chance to visit booth B10. Richard levy gallery, they have my work up from both the Shower Series and Darshan

New York in Black and White

April 25, 2012


I’m usually in love with Chroma. And recently my work has been all about color. Actually my work has always been all about color. But every once in a while. I will take a walk through NYC photographing in Black and White.

© Manjari Sharma, 2012

It’s always fascinating when you strip New York of all that hue and what remains are shapes, reflections and edges. Here are a couple of images I shot recently that I want to share with you.

© Manjari Sharma, 2012

Resurfacing with AIPAD

April 1, 2012

I’ve been quiet. Quietly attending to my new born daughter, Siya. She is now 3 months old and we have all survived the insanity. It’s been special beyond words.

AIPAD was my first photo event of the year and I was very happy to see the works of the following three artists

George Georgiou who I have previously blogged about on Ishaara. I’ve always been a fan of his images and to see them in person made me incredibly happy. Here is an image from his series Fault Lines.


© George Georgiou

I also loved the prints of Robert Platt Lynes who’s works are currently on view at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

All three prints I saw on the wall were sold within the first couple days of AIPAD! No surprise there. Here is an image

for you. Also feel free to read Elizabeth Avedon’s words on his works.


And finally Elinor Caruchi’s prints were on view with Sasha Wolf Gallery. Elinor’s series Born looks particularly gorgeous in person. Here is one of my favorite images from the series.


© Elinor Caruchi

Lord Ganesha

April 1, 2012

The final image of Lord Ganesha from my series Darshan.


© Manjari Sharma, Lord Ganesha, Darshan

B.V.S.P school and Making of Lord Ganesha

December 9, 2011

Hello Readers,

Here are some images on the making of Lord Ganesha followed by a video of Lord Ganesha set. The video was filmed by Roberto Farruggio who shadowed me in India and it was edited by Lily Huang. All images behind the scenes below were also photographed by Roberto Farruggio and by a few are by Varun Sathe, a talented student of Bhartiya Vidya Peeth School of Photography.

My New York Times Article links specifically mentions Bhartiya Vidya Peeth school of Photography in Pune. Also known as B.V.S.P.
B.V.S.P’s students and instructors were pro active in taking part in the Darshan project, Ashish Gurbani formerly assisted me on the making of Maa Laxmi, and Mukul Anand, Varun Sathe, Urmit Talavia and Cheryl Zorini Bhorania to name a few were frequenters on the set working towards making Darshan a success.

B.V.S.P’s role in this process was integral and they were true agents of art. By offering their school’s resources, their premises and equipment  as well as their students, BVSP truly promoted collaboration. I would take a moment to look into the school and what it offers. Rajan Chaughule, president and dean at B.V.S.P in specific was a facilitator in every way he could be for the project. I also want to specifically thank Siddhartha Mudaliar, an instructor at B.V.S.P whose extra set of eyes on the set were much appreciated.

Darshan’s new images on New York Times, Lens Blog

December 9, 2011

Please enjoy the article that was published today on New York Times, Lens Blog. This article was written by Niko Koppel and published by james Estrin. A big thank you to both of the. And again a special thank you to my backers for the support.