I just returned from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A city full of people that embrace water like champions. I returned with delicious memories of incredible food, friendship from locals that will make you want to migrate in a heart beat and music that will turn your heart into a Cadbury cream egg. This image is one of my favorites. It attempts to capture the relationship between *Carioca’s and agua.  (A Carioca is what a local/native from Rio De Janeiro is called).




14 Responses to “Water”

  1. Janessa Says:

    You should seriously consider submitting this series!

  2. jeffd Says:

    Amazing shot!

  3. Aarti Says:

    Awesome pic! I love how you have captured the waves. Keep up the good work and keep those pics coming.

  4. Pritika Says:

    This pic is incredible!!! I also loved the light effect in the pic below(view from your kitchen window)

  5. Saanjh Says:

    Que Bonito!! Captured the expanse of the sea in this image….something very ominous!

  6. steve mallon Says:

    yea, this is another killer!

  7. ankit Says:

    this is a mind-blowing pic manj! its in a different league!

  8. Helô Says:

    This is what people mean when they say… sometimes an image is worth a thousand words.

  9. Swati Says:

    Awesome shot Manj! Feels like you captured a step in the man vs nature dance.

  10. Adam Says:

    Wow. Frickin’ wow…

  11. ashok Says:

    very inspiring shot indeed … awesome!

  12. Swapnil Says:

    Quite eloquent.

    Have you read Moby Dick?

    Perhaps a better title can refine the concept of this picture.

  13. Elisa Says:

    Beautiful. Wow Manj. You amaze me.

  14. Mumbai Paused Says:

    There’s something deeper connecting us with the ocean and these image brings that out.

    It’s beautiful.

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