In memory of


Daisy was a beautiful and affectionate soul. Daisy loved to pounce and chase like all dogs do, but most of all she loved the dirty pond in the backyard. Especially after she was given a bath and she smelled like flowers, she went right after those big fish in the pond and came out smelling like a dirty wet daisy dog. Three years ago in the winter time, Daisy decided to say good bye. This post is for her. 




2 Responses to “In memory of”

  1. Jed Rumora Says:

    That pond wasn’t dirty! Just kidding, of course it was a mess and just as you say, that dog loved to jump right in and make a mess of herself. I am (was) Daisy’s owner and Manj, that is a wonderful tribute to a family member. I sure appreciate it. I’ve seen most of the shots you took while the two of you were house sitting, but those two are new. They are wonderful as looking at them make me remember exactly what that dog was all about. Thank you.


  2. Ted Rice Says:

    Great pictures! Sorry about the dog.

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