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February 23, 2009

The portrait series from my last entry continues. While I am staying with the consistent look and treatment that Tyler was given. I am now exploring more within the same light, realm and background. I am introducing the element of water and how the subject interacts with it. These are a few images shot with one of my favorite faces, the very charming Miss Katelyn Blockinger. 




February 12, 2009

I’m working on a series of portraits, this is the first of many to follow.


Slumdog reviewed by a Mumbaiker

February 12, 2009

I just saw slumdog millionare last week. The movie in a few ways was enjoyable, the music, the pace, familiar actors ….I did walk out of the theatre however with mixed emotions. Mostly because of multiple stereotypes the movie has played into. India does have a jarring reality. It’s high rate of poverty is an alarming visual to many and no matter how much you have heard of it’s development since 1947, to a tourist that will always raise brows. This movie showcased Mumabi as a place that has corruption, poverty, prostitution, child abuse, guns, stealing …. the list of miseries was endless.

Especially because this movie has blown up at such an international scale and I am a an Indian living in another country.. I wish that there was a balance. I wish that alongside the spotlight on harsh reality, there was also some portrayal of what makes the country or the city so golden. And that is the heart of the people and how at home and welcome they can make a complete stranger feel. One might say that showing that might not be in the intent and purpose of the story, and I understand…Except… here I am, bearing my emotions on a sleeve. I feel as a local from Mumbai I have a responsibility to inform anyone who might wander into my blog that Danny Boyle’s version of India is not all there is to it. If so inclined please read a bit more about this conundrum at a very well written article called Slumdog paradox.

Published for AOL Style

February 11, 2009

I recently shot for AOL style. The assignment was, simple portraits of people sporting a variety of street style hats. It was very interesting to see how people from different countries decided to sport their fashion. We have Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Bronx, Netherlands, Louisiana…the list just goes on and on. Here are two images from the shoot and to link to the actual gallery, please click on the pictures.

A shout for the new work

February 5, 2009

I just got a shout from Glasshouse Assignment! A mini interview and 6 pictures from my new water series. They gave me two posts on the two respective links below.


The Sheraton

February 2, 2009

I was on the 12th floor of the Sheraton hotel building, standing in the balcony. I looked down and spotted some pretty light, patterning through the pool water. The way it interacted with this woman’s body was total eye candy for me and I ran to get my camera. Well, timing counts for a lot. Roughly five minutes after being there, and capturing a handful of pictures in that light, the sun moved spots. The pool which was now in complete shade looked like nothing but a big, boring and blue mass of blah. I’m so glad I nursed my impulse or this post wouldn’t have made to Ishaara.