Injured Mumbai

A hobbyist photographer, recent MIT graduate and good friend of mine Chris Lyddy took a recent trip to Mumbai, India and spent some time going all over the city. Chris came back with some unforgettable memories and some excellent imagery. Some of the images that particularly stirred me, were of Leopold Cafe. In operation since circa 1871, this place has aged like fine wine. A regular hang out spot in downtown Mumbai for hipsters and foreigners alike, It was one of prime affected sites in the recent terrorist attack that took place in the city. Two gunmen sprayed the joint with automatic fire that killed seven people at the cafe, including two waiters, and injured several others. Though business has sprung right back up for the cafe… the bullet holes live to tell the tale of some nasty events that tried to zap the shine away from my city. Here is a excellently written article that shows off the spirit of the Mumbaikers in Dec 2008 and what some of them were thinking only 24 hours after the massacre took place.



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