picture-38 I’ve known Sucheta for about ten years now. We go back to the days when we spent many hours of aimless banter discussing music, movies, inspirations and ambitions. Sucheta, I distinctly remember, shared her wish for the day when her name would appear in the credits of high quality animations that she respected. End credits, to many of us are names of VIP’s that scroll before us at the end of a movie; Names of a tightly knit group of talented people that work together and make a massive production happen.

It gives me great happiness to share that Sucheta has made it happen. Monsters v/s Aliens is officially the first of many animations that we will see her name and work in. Sucheta Bhatawadekar was recently hired by Dreamworks as a Lighter and now currently lives in sunny California. This post, dear dude, is for you. mva_such2


10 Responses to “Sucheta”

  1. Aditi Says:

    This is awesome! I’ve know Sucheta for a really long time too. Will definitely wait to look for your name in the titles at the end of Monsters v/s Aliens. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Sugandh Says:

    Congratulations Sucheta! The movie was awesome and the lighting was amazing!

  3. romel Says:

    Wow i’m so impressed…pleased and elated…really well done…
    we have to drink to this! cheeers!

  4. Helô Says:

    Sucheta is a rock star. Even though she worried to no end, the entire Media Studies department knew she was destined for greatness! She worked her booty off, never losing focus of her goal and delivered like very few were able to. I am a fan! I am proud although not surprised that I will be seeing your name in many credits for years to come. Maybe I’ll even take Manj and Billy’s kids to see your movies!
    PS: Such, despite of the nice comments I will never forgive you for getting “Vera, what has become of you” stuck in my head for life.

  5. Shishta Says:

    Awesummm….. sue… way to go girl….


  6. Sucheta Says:

    Thank you guys for your lovely comments. I’m flattered. Although “first feature credit” is a big deal for me, for many of the hundreds of people who work to make the movie, it’s just another name scrolling by. The credit literally goes to every single one of them, even down to the chefs in the kitchen who feed us as we work away through the crunch times. Thanks manj for making this occasion a little more special for me.
    ~Cheers to all of you.

  7. Samar Says:

    I am very happy for you. wish you the best… rock on dude!!!

  8. Anish Says:

    I just saw your portfolio and i just loved every second of it. I have shown it to all my frnds and all know you are working for Dreamworks. I cant put in words how happy I am to see you see LIGHT. I am waiting for the movie and moreover ur name. All the very best.. dude:)

  9. Amar Says:

    Vaaah! Such. I can’t wait to see the movie. From now on, whenever I see an animation film, I will wait to see if your good name is in there. Congratulations, I salute you.

  10. aai Says:

    suchu, I am so proud of you.

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