African Burial Ground

Most of 1700’s Africans buried their deceased in a coffin north of Wall street. Recent many hundreds of these dead bodies were discovered during a dig. After a long struggle today, a beautiful monument adorns this sacred site righteously honoring the ancestors of many people in this country. It is Located at Duane and Elk Streets. I highly suggest paying it a visit. Here is an image of the actual monument.
For this African Burial Ground foundation, I was also asked to shoot about 50 invaluable sites all over NYC that have roots in African history. The project was titled Mapping the African American Past and lasted over several months for me.
I was so humbled as I gathered bits and pieces of knowledge of the Abolition of slavery in this city. The pictures I shot for this project are currently being shown off on Columbia University’s website and a final designed product is being sold in the museum stores.


2 Responses to “African Burial Ground”

  1. Aarti Says:

    Wow! Great story and awesome pics. Love your work.


  2. Janessa Says:

    Great pics Manji! What an interesting project! I’ll see you tomorrow and we can talk more 🙂

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