Little Sully

_ret01182Last month I was in Gambier, Ohio in a beautiful house built by the owners and my good friends, Matt Sullivan & Heather Doherty. Heather is a Botanist and a Conservationist at heart. This girl is one of my favorite people from Ohio and right now, she has a little papoo growing inside of her.

I had the pleasure of photographing her in all her grandeur. As I post these images Heather is having a Baby Shower back at her lovely home. This post is in honor of that. Here are some of my favorites images from our shoot. This is for you Heather. A little memory for the slowly baking bun in your oven. _ret00072_ret0146a


3 Responses to “Little Sully”

  1. Kate Masley Says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!! I am lucky to be one of Heather’s friends and these photos show Heather in all of her beauty and greatness. I am so happy for Heather and Matt. These photos are treasures.

  2. Lizzy A Says:

    Beautiful, Heather! Best of luck in the weeks ahead. I miss you and can’t wait to meet the baby some day.

  3. betty Says:


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