Cubie and Sam

I met Ian Cubie in Ohio. Ian was 21 and told me he was a baker. Ian also didn’t go to school anymore, he said he just likes to bake, so he took a job in a local bakery. Ian said he woke up at 4 am & prepped for fresh bread; he said he loved the way it smelled.
This dapper young man is 11 years old and called Sam Williams. Sam was handsome, no doubt, but he also had the energy of a, well, 11 year old. I don’t get to see a lot of people of that age often, not in my youngin’ New York City circle. Sam was a race horse but also intriguingly had a very centering spirit. He was bouncing a second before he held that fantastic composure in shot 2.


One Response to “Cubie and Sam”

  1. sarah gill-williams Says:

    wow! these are some great pictures–the one of sam, all serious and attitude–i love it and the one of heather in the boots on the dock!!WOW! plus i checked out other photos on your blog and they are really fantastic, especially that one of brroklyn outside your window with the skyline kind of cut in two by the window frame–yah you’re pretty awsome. I was wondering if it would be at all possible for me to get my hands on a print of that one of sam? I could send you some $ or whatever you’d like, just let me know. In appeciation and awe, sarah

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