Viewers Choice Winner

picture-3I was just informed that I won the viewers choice award for the Eye on the strand photo contest. Its a small victory. This result is only for the viewers choice award, the actual judging results wont be announced until July but for right now I’m just happy about this news. The contest was to make an image in the Strand book store. Here was my premise for the contest. 

Strand, The dreamer’s land.

Katelyn always wanted to be on a book cover. Having heard about this photo contest, my intention was to find Katelyn a befitting book that her face deserved. After an ardent search, the perfect book presented itself and it was so appropriately found in the “Hurt Art Books” section of the second floor. In a small alleyway of the strand book store where a muted palette of novels enveloped us, Katelyn’s dream came alive. With 18 miles of endless possibilities, Strand gives all of us dreamers, the perfect environment to walk in, open up a book and dream again.



2 Responses to “Viewers Choice Winner”

  1. Helô Says:

    As a FOREVER fan… CONGRATS, my love!!! It’s just gonna keep getting better and better!!! Love you, Helô.
    PS: SO proud of you!!!

  2. Swapnil Says:

    Creative, well-executed. Congratulations.

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