Living Tapestry

Sandhya Kochar is an installation artist that puts countless hours into creating what she calls The Living Tapestry. Sandhya designs in CAD, drills holes, suspends hundreds of test tubes using fishing line, grafts plants, waters them individually and over several laborious months of tight planning and hours of pain staking execution. This is born. Her website is currently under construction. I had the good fortune of making images of her artwork. I will update Ishaara, once it is completed and launched.


Here is another installation purely made with test tubes that have fiber optic cable dangling through them. This installation is connected to a switch that turns these fiber optic cables on. Here are a few views of these installations at day and then at night. These installations look like constellations, it was fascination shooting these pieces of art.


One Response to “Living Tapestry”

  1. Vinay Murari Says:

    The Installtion art work is dame awsome and very beautifull .. kudos to the creator :))

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