Shower Series- Nana

My shower series continues strong. Nana, who I have had the fortune of photographing last year, paid me a generous visit a few weekends ago. The images hopefully speak for themselves. Nana, in addition to allowing me to photograph her, also had a few words of reflection about this project. Thanks Nana for the time, words and good energy.

“Thankfully, I grew up in a home where the naked body was seen for what it is — something everybody has under their clothes. Though nudity is often misrepresented through the lens of sexual objectification, ironically, we are most often naked when we’re doing very asexual things like changing our clothes, using the toilet, or showering. This truth is what drew me to participate in Manjari Sharma’s Shower Series. At once cleansing and cathartic, a shower is a daily reminder of the metaphorical truth that oftentimes we have to strip ourselves of all the layers we accumulate in this life to get clean.” – Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond



6 Responses to “Shower Series- Nana”

  1. Swapnil Says:

    Beautiful model, nice photos, and good writing too.
    But the three still seem separated.

  2. manjarisharma Says:

    From the entire batch photographed, I enjoyed these 3 images independently . Only one or two of them will make it into a book or my website. At this point as you know it’s a work in progress. The blog allows me to share sketches and doodles. I am allowing the images to pave the way. When I feel ready I will be looking at the shower series as a body of work and choosing what makes for a cohesive project. Thanks for you response and for visiting.

  3. johnstevens Says:

    This post really helped me out. Thanks.

  4. Helô Says:

    Love her words!

  5. jamesmerrill2 Says:

    beautiful woman. is there a way i can meet her?

  6. Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond: “A shower is a daily reminder of a metaphorical truth…” | Africa 39 Says:

    […] Brew-Hammond modelled for critically acclaimed photographer and artist, Manjari Sharma‘s “Shower […]

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