New Image, Kelsey in shower

Kelsey also willing visited my shower for the ongoing shower series. Kelsey needless to say is beautiful. Also the shower project has officially turned to film. Here is a polaroid of Kelsey on my fridge. IMG_5261_RET0005


2 Responses to “New Image, Kelsey in shower”

  1. D.Maziarz Says:

    hey manj these look really good. love the polaroid especially. my favorite part of your blog is that you type exactly how you speak. the diction and syntax remain unchanged and it’s like no one else i know. i love it.

  2. manjarisharma Says:

    Miss you David! Thanks for the comment. July 30th and July 31st – put those days aside. ASMP summer party on 30th and my house party on the 31st! Don’t miss either or you’re in trouble

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