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Men at war

August 18, 2009

Men of all ages have had a fascinating relationship with war. While there are many men and women alike that have strong feelings against the idea of bloodshed, war games continue to be played and enjoyed by men of all ages. A very interesting pain inflicting game called “Paintball” is a recreational weekend resort for many across the globe. The idea is similar to many attack and defend. Guns, armor, camouflage, helmets, going into the woods and gunning down your enemy. The game is irresistible and the wounded are in pain.

My aim was to chase these paintballers and try and document some process, action, winners and losers. Perhaps in attempt to photograph subject matter that is very foreign to me. Serious strategy goes into the ways to hide and hurt your enemy. A helmet is a must because people have gone blind but any other part of the body is fair game. The crew I was documenting had two fathers and sons on the same team sometimes against each other. I felt like I was starring in my own video game. Here are some glimpses from the mood, space and characters involved. The first image here, is the battlefield.




Seagulls (gone wrong?)

August 12, 2009

On the cape were many things I was obsessed with. Apparently Seagulls were one of them. I made many attempts to capture shapes, blurs and the negative space thus derived from these birds exiting and entering my frame. My final image in this series cracks me up more than any moment I’ve recently photographed. I didn’t plan for it to look this way but it did. Yes, apparently this is all it takes to crack me up. One seagull butt heading into another one’s ass. Please do click on the actual image in order to get the full effect. 20090806-chatham-06720090806-chatham-09320090806-chatham-07620090806-chatham-073-Edit

Cape Cod and Corey Arnold

August 12, 2009

A recent opportunity took me to Chatham, Cape Cod. The trip was fantastic, I worked with a shooter called Corey Arnold who happens to also be a PDN 30 this year. I have a few images to re-cap the trip here. As you can hopefully see, it wasn’t too difficult to fall in love with Chatham. The sunrises were extremely velvety and the seafood made you think very very badly of the mediocre seafood you might have appreciated in the past. Here are a few memorable moments. 20090806-chatham-03320090807-chatham-00620090806-chatham-12720090806-chatham-03820090806-chatham-05820090806-chatham-10720090806-chatham-062-Edit20090806-chatham-02620090806-chatham-060

Hottest Grandparents ever

August 11, 2009

Terri and Kenny my sister and brother in-laws have a brand spanking new grandson, Cameron, who is now about one month old. Cameron is beautiful and born to a very young set of parents! But his grandparents hardly qualify for their new found title. Terri and Kenny haven’t even broken 40 which makes them so damn young to have a grandchild. terrikenny I must say though it is beautiful to see them interact with this baby boy. As Terri said, when she looked into Cameron’s eyes for the first time, she felt an emotion kick in that she didn’t even know she had. These two make not only some of the most handsome but also the proudest grandparent’s i’ve seen. I just couldn’t help but break out the lights when I saw this moment before me.