Seagulls (gone wrong?)

On the cape were many things I was obsessed with. Apparently Seagulls were one of them. I made many attempts to capture shapes, blurs and the negative space thus derived from these birds exiting and entering my frame. My final image in this series cracks me up more than any moment I’ve recently photographed. I didn’t plan for it to look this way but it did. Yes, apparently this is all it takes to crack me up. One seagull butt heading into another one’s ass. Please do click on the actual image in order to get the full effect. 20090806-chatham-06720090806-chatham-09320090806-chatham-07620090806-chatham-073-Edit


2 Responses to “Seagulls (gone wrong?)”

  1. Anna Says:

    Seagull’s head in other seagull’s ass = HILARIOUS.

    And I wanted to share a couple of my favorite Flickr Seagull shots with you. A couple I ran across on Flickr in the past, that I enjoy….They seem tough to shoot for sure!

    Eye spy a seagull

    Dreams 2

  2. Heloisa Says:

    Oh, my Goooosh! Talk about a happy accident!!!
    This is funniest thing EVER!!!

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