Men at war

Men of all ages have had a fascinating relationship with war. While there are many men and women alike that have strong feelings against the idea of bloodshed, war games continue to be played and enjoyed by men of all ages. A very interesting pain inflicting game called “Paintball” is a recreational weekend resort for many across the globe. The idea is similar to many attack and defend. Guns, armor, camouflage, helmets, going into the woods and gunning down your enemy. The game is irresistible and the wounded are in pain.

My aim was to chase these paintballers and try and document some process, action, winners and losers. Perhaps in attempt to photograph subject matter that is very foreign to me. Serious strategy goes into the ways to hide and hurt your enemy. A helmet is a must because people have gone blind but any other part of the body is fair game. The crew I was documenting had two fathers and sons on the same team sometimes against each other. I felt like I was starring in my own video game. Here are some glimpses from the mood, space and characters involved. The first image here, is the battlefield.




2 Responses to “Men at war”

  1. Kara Says:

    Manj, great subject and images! I was invited to a paintball birthday party many years ago and as I was lying in the brush, outfitted in camo, with strips of amo around my waist, anxiously looking out for the “enemy” i thought to myself- this is everything i’ve avoided my whole life. this is supposed to be fun? the pursuit of recreation in fake warfare is perplexing and fascinating- I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to explore it.

  2. Jeff F Says:

    I used to play paint ball in my youth! I broke my ankle playing paint ball!!
    thanks for the trip down memory lane. (a good trip,… not dwelling on broken ankles)

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