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The Golden Temple at 6 am

January 29, 2010


I’m away for a bit

January 29, 2010

All I can say is that the last few days have been intense. I have been traveling all over. I will soon be updating with a lot of eye candy for every one. here are a few recent sights. Please be patient… I will be with you momentarily! In the meantime here are a few glimpses.

The Terrace

January 22, 2010

The terrace is my mom’s favorite place in our flat. I can certainly see why, but not only because I know she loves the space and all her little plants but also because I see it in my own special way; Very differently than her. It has a very peculiar geometry. If you follow this blog then you may have seen this post I made little earlier called Urban Organics which is also similarly reflective of my intrigue in intersecting lines, planes and randomly organized practical tools. The satellite dish antenna and clothes pins interspersed in this space is extremely intriguing to me. An organized yet chaotic scene, just like the entire country is. I love it more than I ever have. If that’s even possible.

Pictured below is my mom taking a whiff of her favorite flower the Mogra. It is incredibly fragrant & often strewn into a mini garland and draped around the hair. Pictured in the last image is the potted plant of the mogra that my mom returned the flower to. It’s my favorite planted pot on that terrace, covered in heavenly spongy green moss.

A Sharma family morning

January 22, 2010

My mother, Kiran Sharma and my father Sunil Sharma pictured below have both taken a fairly religious curve on life in the past decade. I set up a couple lights in my flat in Mumbai and decided to capture them in their morning ritual modes. My dad is doing his routine morning prayer in our temple room and my mom is walking through her favorite part of our flat, the terrace.

Mom is holding a brass crucible of water in her hands, she is about to make an offering of that water and say a small chant worshiping the sun god and giving thanks for the gift of sunlight. The freshly awakened younger brother of mine, pictured below my parents is a strapping Mumbai-ker who loves to scour the Bollywood tabloids when getting his early morning news fix. Just a little peek into my world here in Mumbai. Please click on the images to get a better look.

The Cherry Melt

January 19, 2010

I woke up with a funky crick in my neck when I was being politely asked if I’d like some ice-cream.. the time-warp snack of choice on this overseas flight to India. It would have been 7 am in New York at this hour. I asked what flavor, they said Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate fudge. I’m usually a touch cranky when I get woken up, but the Ice cream was helping me get into a better mood quickly.

We were about 40 minutes or so from Doha, this was just a few hours before I would arrive in Mumbai. I didn’t know this at the time but I was about to witness a romance I’ve heard and read about in a lot of poetry. The red sea sun-set sky of the Persian Gulf. It’s the type of red that makes you forget who you are for a few moments.

The Shower Series, Self Portrait

January 16, 2010

The Shower series is on a mini sabatical until I return from India in six weeks. While I still will be posting from India I wanted to leave you with this one last image of the series, a self portrait. This project began with me and a fascination of this light, color, texture in my own space, it’s what egged this series on. I thought it would be appropriate to place a pause in the series with a final image of myself. So, to be continued…

A few new showers from 2010

January 16, 2010

Two memorable trips with the C330

January 14, 2010


January 12, 2010

I just got a stray film roll from my California travels processed and re-discovered an image I had recently created. It made my day.

The sun is for everyone…

January 6, 2010

…but the beach is for those who deserve it – “City of God”
This image was made on a quaint beach on Martha’s Vineyard. As this very dapper woman walked by me and my Mamiya on the beach that day, I was particularly reminded me of this quote from City of God.