A Sharma family morning

My mother, Kiran Sharma and my father Sunil Sharma pictured below have both taken a fairly religious curve on life in the past decade. I set up a couple lights in my flat in Mumbai and decided to capture them in their morning ritual modes. My dad is doing his routine morning prayer in our temple room and my mom is walking through her favorite part of our flat, the terrace.

Mom is holding a brass crucible of water in her hands, she is about to make an offering of that water and say a small chant worshiping the sun god and giving thanks for the gift of sunlight. The freshly awakened younger brother of mine, pictured below my parents is a strapping Mumbai-ker who loves to scour the Bollywood tabloids when getting his early morning news fix. Just a little peek into my world here in Mumbai. Please click on the images to get a better look.


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7 Responses to “A Sharma family morning”

  1. Heloisa Says:

    The pictures of your parents have such a great feeling of peace, especially your mom’s. She seems to be off in her own routine with her mind on her prayers. Just beautiful. As for your brother… I’d like to know what he is reading so intensely on the picture below your mom’s! Can someone tell me what is going on in Bollywood, please???
    Love you, Helô.

  2. arun kumar Says:

    H Manjari,

    Ur concept for shower pics is so mesmerising that i cant describe. In fact thats the only time where everyone of us try to shed our tears or anger or any negative feelings and let it wash down ..dont u think so !!! the feelings would be so true to its natural at that very moment.

    I loved it .. Great work ! Do keep up the good work:)

    have a great day,
    arun kumar
    (fashion designer-INDIA)

  3. Bill Says:

    These are wonderful! Everyone is in their own very powerful place. There’s a such a strong silence coming from all of them.

  4. gab Says:

    ooohh I can’t wait to be there in person!!!

  5. Nisha Says:

    Lovely moments captured there. I feel a bit guilty as well as intrigued, peering into your parents private moments of devotion.

  6. Greg Says:

    So beautiful… what an organized and independent family. You are truly blessed Manj. I can’t wait to meet them in person…

  7. Romolo Fevola Says:

    What i love from your works is that everyone looks so inspired and relaxed…

    You are really amazing!!!

    Greetings from Italy.

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