The Terrace

The terrace is my mom’s favorite place in our flat. I can certainly see why, but not only because I know she loves the space and all her little plants but also because I see it in my own special way; Very differently than her. It has a very peculiar geometry. If you follow this blog then you may have seen this post I made little earlier called Urban Organics which is also similarly reflective of my intrigue in intersecting lines, planes and randomly organized practical tools. The satellite dish antenna and clothes pins interspersed in this space is extremely intriguing to me. An organized yet chaotic scene, just like the entire country is. I love it more than I ever have. If that’s even possible.

Pictured below is my mom taking a whiff of her favorite flower the Mogra. It is incredibly fragrant & often strewn into a mini garland and draped around the hair. Pictured in the last image is the potted plant of the mogra that my mom returned the flower to. It’s my favorite planted pot on that terrace, covered in heavenly spongy green moss.


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One Response to “The Terrace”

  1. Adam Farmer Says:

    Manj, you look so much like your mom! Great stuff, thanks for letting us have a peek into their home.

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