Epic Bollywood Kiss!

My shooting on the day of Holi started quite seductively. Adorable Rishi and Dilnaaz, making out in the first image are passionately in a relationship for a few years now. Rishi is an engineer on ship and just returned after being gone for around a year or so. The couple decided to so kindly show me around on Holi. I certainly had the time of my life. Here are a few images from the day.
We started out at Versova where I unknowingly ended up hanging out with celebrities. Most of the people pictured below either have been or are about to be in bollywood flicks. We went on to Juhu where we hung out in a bungalow that belonged to Viraj. I don;t know his last name but his family was wonderful and his space looked on to Juhu beach. Guitars, music, hangage, beers, Holi and new friendship was what that day was all about. The images below are in attempt to document some of that awesomeness.


One Response to “Epic Bollywood Kiss!”

  1. Soniya Says:

    wow this pics are really new to me never seen before… thanks for sharing this

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