Grohe, Behind the Scenes

The images below are behind the scene moments from an advertising shoot I was recently commisioned for. The client was Grohe. In the image below I am on location at Laxya Production’s office in Delhi. The pre production days were intense since the client chimed in with wanting to shoot immediately and we had to get into gear over night.

Pictured above is us selecting bathroom and floor tiling for re creating what would look like a sleek bathroom. Grohe, manufactures high end shower heads and faucets, the client was particularly interested in me re creating the aesthetics from The Shower Series, a body of work that has recently picked up some press and attention for me.

The bathroom for this Grohe shoot came together nicely, images below are people who constructed it from wood and then tiled over it and then of course a water supply had to be rigged! The most challenging part of the shoot was getting the water flow to be perfect! Below are a few images of various different crew members in action, the Grohe technicians, trustee assistant Erika Hokanson, The people who delivered tea constantly, the stand ins, the digital tech’s and the HMI light technicians. All wonderful, enthusiastic crew members.

Pictured above is the man of the match Syed Usman, Art Director for this shoot. I pinched myself a couple times when he came over to me and said follow your heart and do what you do best, its about the product but it’s really about you and how you make it look.

Prabhat, pictured above, was my number 1 lighting guy; The man with HMI’s! Prabhat worked two shifts straight getting everything rigged and in place as per our lighting plan. Not to mention he had a charming smile and also wore the most bad ass shirt a lighting guy could wear. It was very easy to find Prabhat you see, a fluorescent Green shirt has a way of standing out. I’m sure he is slammed with work where ever he is. If you have a shoot in Delhi, he’s your man.

To see some of the selected images from the series click here. Finally at the end of this chaotic week, i flew back to Mumbai worked on the post and flew back with some large prints to the client and pictured below is Kapila Sethi, head of this project in India. The result is already on bill boards in a few cities in India. Below is an example of the layout. Doesn’t a smiling client say it all? Here’s to collaboration.

A special thanks to Shruti Singh for taking such incredible behind the scenes images on my set. Shruti is an emerging photographer based in Delhi but originally from Jaipur and was a delight to get to hang with in India. I look forward to featuring some of her work in the near future.


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9 Responses to “Grohe, Behind the Scenes”

  1. darkclothdiaries Says:

    This is awesome, Manj. I love how closely you were able to conjure the light of your Brooklyn shower in Delhi. Congrats!

  2. Richard Levy Says:

    Nice ! Good job. they must love those shots…

  3. jami Saunders Says:

    awesome. awesome. so much fun to see the shower series turn into this beautiful ad! cheers.

  4. Maggie Soladay Says:

    These ads came out amazing! THe light is so beautiful. I can’t believe how wonderful that all came together! THe behind the scenes images are also some of the best ever!


  5. Photography by Pshemek Says:

    Lovely photographs. I like whole lot. Well done.

  6. Says:

    THe light is so beautiful. I can’t believe how wonderful that all came together!

  7. Network Security : Says:

    we are always using stainless steel shower heads for our bathroom ~

  8. kaminskiweddings Says:

    nice finish effect

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