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Selected for Best Of ASMP 2010

July 15, 2010

Recently there was a Nationwide call to enter Best Of ASMP 2010. ASMP is American Society of Media Photographers, an organization that I have been active with for a few years now. I entered this contest this year and got selected! The judges just selected 20 projects as Best of ASMP 2010. The finalists represent a wide span of subject matter, including both personal and commissioned imagery. Fifteen different ASMP chapters and most membership categories were represented in this selection. The Best of ASMP issue of the Bulletin is scheduled for early September and will include much more about the winners.

Congratulations in particular to my friends Shawn Henry and Jamey Stillings, Jamey and I recently met at Review Santa Fe as well!


Randall Scott Gallery, Kris Graves Projects

July 13, 2010

This past weekend I had two openings in a row. First one was a big opening at the fair, Art Hampton’s with Randall Scott Gallery, The second one was at Kris Graves Projects titled Sultry II. My good friends Greg Miller and Gabriela Herman were both in this show with me! A couple pieces of news, Greg Miller recently started a blog titled “Dark Cloth Diaries” – hooray for him! So be an early bird and subscribe to it! Also Gabriela Herman, my favorite photo pow wow lady in nyc got accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop, hooray for her too! You can feel free to take a look at her fabulous blog here!

In addition to the above I must say, one of the most exhaustive interviews I’ve spent time on has been for Stellazine. Stella Kramer is not only an all around quality person but also one of the most informed people in the photo industry. So if you’re smart, please meander around her blog, great insights on there!

Art Hampton's 2010

At Art Hampton's with Randall Scott

© Gabriela Herman

© Gabriela Herman

© Gabriela Herman

Standing with Gab H & Kris Graves. Kara Brodgesell (Holding Cam) © Tony Gale

Jelly Bean Dreams

July 13, 2010

This goes out to Jelly Bean! Mr. David Bram’s adorable daughter also called Jelly Bean. Mr. and Mrs. Bram was a gracious hosts and their daughter adorably referred to as Jelly bean was as cute as a buttoned up shirt. Here are a couple of moments with Jelly Bean in Mr. Bram’s backyard that gorgeously looks on to the Sandias in Albuquerque. Also Fraction Magazine Issue 16 from David Bram is out and shows off my friend David Laventi, a shout out to you brother!

New Mexican Memories

July 13, 2010

I went on an incredible hike while in New Mexico and here I’m sharing some of my images with you all. The walk through the woods was some of the prettiest I’ve experienced.

Finally here is one my finale drives back out of the mountains … Oh Sandias I will miss you until i see you again! Post hiking I stopped off at 10,000 waves, a spa with very healing natural spring waters.