New Mexican Memories

I went on an incredible hike while in New Mexico and here I’m sharing some of my images with you all. The walk through the woods was some of the prettiest I’ve experienced.

Finally here is one my finale drives back out of the mountains … Oh Sandias I will miss you until i see you again! Post hiking I stopped off at 10,000 waves, a spa with very healing natural spring waters.


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3 Responses to “New Mexican Memories”

  1. Deanna Says:

    I love the foggy 4th one down! Gorgeous!

  2. manjarisharma Says:


  3. cara Says:

    glad you enjoyed ABQ! I lived there for the last 2 years for my Masters; just moved to Lawrence, KS in May. I recognized the Sandias in both entries without even reading the paragraph and have my own pictures of those crazy houses (they are right around the corner from UNM)! Thanks for making the RRE album cover…I’m a huge fan and that’s why I found your blog…I’m also a (budding) photographer.

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