Installation shots of Paani at Richard Levy Gallery

My show has been up for half a month at Richard Levy Gallery and here are some installation shots from it. Thank you Jonathan Blaustein for the shout on A photo Editor, Thank you Elizabeth Avedon , Stella Kramer, David Bram and Andy Adams for tweeting and spreading the word on this show! The opening was well attended and the response was heartwarming. Here are glimpses into the space and layout!


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6 Responses to “Installation shots of Paani at Richard Levy Gallery”

  1. Ellen Rennard Says:

    Wow, this looks awesome! Can’t wait to see in person when I’m in Albuquerque!

  2. ankush Says:

    hey manj, the gallery just luks awsummmm wid ur pics. now for one of these in the jehangir art gallery, mumbai 🙂

  3. David Bram Says:

    Will be visiting Mr Levy this week and can’t wait to see the show.

  4. Aaron Lee Fineman Says:

    CONGRATS! Wish I was down in NM to go see it.

  5. elizabeth avedon Says:

    Always great work and beautifully exhibited. I wish I were in ABQ to see it!

  6. Shea Naer Says:

    Congrats ! The exhibit looks wonderful !

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