Railroad Earth

I just got commissioned by a label in New York to create album art for the band Railroad Earth. Railroad Earth has some sweet tunes & the musicians were a complete riot to work with. The production for this shoot came together last minute and was nothing short of complete camaraderie. All I can say is the Hasselblad H4d40, three assistants, a fog machine, a few lights and 10 people in the Delaware gave rise to this image. A shout out to Jonathan Chang my client in nyc and Brian Ross in LA for for being so hands on with everything.


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11 Responses to “Railroad Earth”

  1. francine Says:

    you know i love this image!!!

  2. Jeff Says:


  3. Jon Says:

    I love it! It is so awe inspiring and I would pick up the CD just because of the picture. Amazing job Ms Sharma, your photos have genius in them.

  4. Samsa Lila Says:

    WOW Justice is done! Absolutely lovely. I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since their first release in 2002 so this is really cool, unique and refreshing to see! I won’t settle for anything but a hard copy!

  5. sam Says:


  6. Glenn Says:

    Magical, mystical, serenity, calming, organic, silently peaceful, energizing and so much more is being said by the photographer’s eye captures the lights contrast river waters musicians floating stance.
    Always afriend on this journey Glenn S

  7. Gerry Says:

    The muses are apparent in this wonderful image. Thanks for being there to help them.

  8. Jon Says:


  9. Daniella Says:

    Keep up the Great Work !

  10. Ric Says:

    Well done Manj. We are proud of you.


  11. TPP Q+A: Manjari Sharma - Says:

    […] Railroad Earth album cover: […]

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