Published, Penguin Books, The trouble with Half a Moon

I recently photographed for Penguin Books young readers division. They had a great story about a courageous girl who grows up in the projects fighting a rough upbringing and overcomes challenges in spite of what life has handed her. We used a brilliant location that fed our layout needs after a painful scout! A big shout out to Dima and Alla gavrysh who were not only gracious and trusting hosts but also a star creative couple to meet! Check out Dima’s fantastic photo journalistic work here.

But perhaps the biggest of all shouts on this project go to Jeanine Henderson who has had repeated trust and faith in my work as a photographer since I started here in NYC. Jeanine was not only the Graphic Designer/ Art Director on this job but is also herself a star Illustrator! please take a look at her work here to see some refreshing eye candy. Miss Jeanine here’s to many more assignments together!

Here is one of my personal favorites, an outtake from the shoot.



4 Responses to “Published, Penguin Books, The trouble with Half a Moon”

  1. Mumbai Paused Says:

    Love the second one. Was the other picture chosen because she has a smile and hints that it is a happy story?

  2. manjarisharma Says:

    Yea I think the ultimate selection has roots in the story and many multiple people have in on the decision making process. Usually something safer also gets picked to please multiple people and their version of the ideal cover… but thanks for loving the one I love. I did get an email from Danette wrote me a note saying she is very pleased with the cover which mean a lot to me since it represents her story!

  3. Mumbai Paused Says:

    True. I guess, the committee made the right choice for the cover.

  4. Jeanine Henderson Says:

    I only saw saw this post now, Manj—but thanks for the shut out and thanks even more for doing a such wonderful job on this cover! Your talent and vision brought so much to this cover, and as an added plus—it’s always fun to work creatively with you! Hope for more of that in the future!

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