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Critical Mass top 50

October 29, 2010

Many apologies for being a bit behind on my blogging….I have good reasons!

I am very pleased to share that I was selected for Critical Mass Top 50 with handful of driven colleagues in the industry that I sincerely admire! Photolucida’s Critical Mass program selects 50 people internationally every year and I’m honored to be a part of it in 2010. The competition is fierce and you can take a look at this years other winners by clicking here.


Brian Oglesbee, Julie Taymor, The Tempest

October 18, 2010

First of all friends! Watch the HD trailer for this gorgeously shot movie here! Brian, this is a celebration post for the crew!

A while ago I worked with Brian Oglesbee, Julie Taymor and Lynn Hendee closely on a trial shoot for the latest New York Film Festival centre piece “The Tempest”. For those of you that don’t know about this story…. you should refer to this post of mine for the back story on how I know Brian and got to meet Julie.

This post was made when the movie was still in production actually! I Just saw the film at NYFF. It was also invited to be a part of the Venice Film Festival closing! Julie Taymor is a driven and inspiring person and Brian is an incredible photographer. To see the two talents come together on big screen was positively an unforgettable experience! Here are some images from the night out and heartiest congrats to Brian and Julie to see their hard work come to such beautiful fruition!

Brian Oglesbee and Julie Taymor, Lincoln centre, NYC

Also pictured below is Kate Boulter, on the left standing with yours truly in the centre and the boss man Brian Oglesbee on the right outside the Lincoln Centre at the Tempest’s premiere night. Kate to inform you all has repetitively been photographed by Brian all through his book Aquatique which I proudly own and highly recommend so contact the man himself at That night when Julie saw us she exclaimed in delight when she saw kate, “There’s our Ariel!!”  Ariel, as many of you know is one of the main characters from the The Tempest played by the all too charming Ben Whishaw in the movie. Kate however did all the stand in shots for Ariel when we tested for this shoot in Brian’s studio upstate and it was clear that Julie T like us was a great admirer of miss Kate’s performance. I found out first handedly how easy it is to love Kate, my post to follow will be about Kathryn Boulter’s powerful presence in my Shower Series.


October 5, 2010

I’ve donated a piece in support of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective. They have a nice cocktail party/ reception to celebrate the opening for this on October 5th, Tuesday. The art is a mix of different mediums take a look at the thumbnails below.
You should come to the benefit if you can folks. it will be a great cause and I will most certainly be there. If you are interested at all in supporting this, there are only 15 tickets left at this point. It sells out every year! Click here for details!

If you can’t go pass the word on to someone else who would like do their good deed for the year! Help a non profit keep their dream and flame of supporting emerging South Asian Women Artists alive and burning. Please re blog and post on some social networks if you can!