An affair with the 4×5

Im beginning a new project here in Mumbai, details to follow but the project will be shot on a beautiful 4×5 camera lent to me by my close fried, charming and very talented Fashion Photographer miss Erika Hokanson. Also I had the pleasure and fortune of being graciously assisted on this test shot by Simon Biswas who is a complete rockstar in his own right. Pictured in this image is the fabulous miss Kiran Sharma, a.k.a. my mom.

Here are the first few tests from that camera. Excited to work with a great lab that I can run film to and get images professionally scanned and printed by in Mumbai.


4 Responses to “An affair with the 4×5”

  1. Aniruddha Ghosh Says:

    1) As I see 4×5 I conjure up a massive Graflex with plate film; was the medium film, particularly as you mention ‘push processing’?
    2) Scanned for digital printing?
    3) Are these grains in foreground or floor tile pattern?
    ps – read about your site in a back issue of Better Photography; find it interesting – good luck!

    • manjarisharma Says:

      Hey Aniruddha, Its a Tachhara 4×5 and looks like this. Yes they are scanned on a simple flatbed scanner at this point, but only for the purpose of viewing how the tests came out. When I select the ones I want for final digital printing they will be drum scanned professionally. The floor in the image has a tile pattern. Thanks for looking me up after reading about my article in Better Photography! Thanks for visiting the blog! Manjari Sharma

  2. Gerry Says:

    Interesting to see the loss of color saturation in the push processing.
    We normally did not push process under these lighting conditions in the “old days”.

  3. manjarisharma Says:

    Yea … I’m testing as per a good friends suggestion who seemed to think rating the film a whole stop slower and then pushing it in development seems to increase contrast, which it did but also made the film loose some details in the highlights. Also as you noticed there was an over all loss in saturation for certain.

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