Lord Ganesha

The final image of Lord Ganesha from my series Darshan.


© Manjari Sharma, Lord Ganesha, Darshan


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6 Responses to “Lord Ganesha”

  1. dandapani Says:

    Are these available poster sized?

    • manjarisharma Says:

      Yes. Thanks for your comment these images are available in 3 sizes. 16″x20″, 24″x36″ and 40″x60″
      They are limited edition. We can talk further about this on my email info@manjarisharma.com

  2. Secret of Ganesha Says:

    I really liked this beautiful image of Ganesha.I must say great photography skills and good art work.I was looking for the 40″x60″ images.Whether it is available or not please let me know..

  3. karann1986 Says:

    This is my email ID : negikara23@gmail.com…. Please mail me the details as early as possible.
    Ganesh Mantra

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