Forbes, India and Maa Laxmi

My project Darshan ( ) began in 2011 and most recently I got a call from Anjan Das, Design Director of Forbes, India who had a crystal clear vision for my Maa Laxmi image. It was thrilling to hear the excitement in his voice about what he had in mind for our collaboration.

Anjan said Forbes, India has a flagship issue that focuses on the wealth and prosperity of the 100 richest Indians. Called the Forbes India Rich List (Collector’s edition). He felt my image of Maa laxmi would be a fitting face for it. While the proposition was exciting, at first I was a little surprised that a business publication would go with such a bold cover. As Anjan said “it’s all about having a vision” and he certainly did!

Anjan went on to discuss how his plan was to pay particular attention to details like gsm, fluro orange, silver printing and a special embroidered saree box that would be used to package a limited edition 100 of these magazines. I was sold on not only the intent of he project but particularly Anjan’s and Forbes’s care towards the printing process.

Finally with Diwali approaching, the timing was perfect. It indeed became a blessed time for Maa Laxmi and Forbes to have found each other. I have a photograph of the magazine and a location shot of the magazines at a landmark bookstore in Bandra, Mumbai. Both images are shot by Anjan Das. Also this cover made it into Coverjunkies most popular covers of the month.




7 Responses to “Forbes, India and Maa Laxmi”

  1. michelle Says:

    Wow- Huge Congratulations! How can I get a copy??
    Michelle E.

  2. Mary Drew Says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations! I am in love with your art, and obviously Forbes has excellent taste. Endorsing Barack Obama and publishing your art. May the universe continue to offer you the appreciation you so well deserve.

  3. dennsn Says:

    congrats, looks fantastic 🙂

  4. Anjan Das Says:

    It Certainly was a great collaboration Manjari. Looking forward to work again, sooner! Cheers!

  5. Neeta Satam Says:

    Congrats Manjari!

  6. bhanu Says:

    I came across your article in my yoga mag (march issue) today, I obviously didn’t spot it then… your beautiful art caught my eye & well, here I am! Don’t know where you are at with your project but will happily spread the word…

  7. bhanu Says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Missed the Chelsea Art walk but found this article in my Yoga Journal issue & had to share it along with these words “TO PERFORM EVERY ACTION ARTFULLY IS YOGA”

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