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Long Form Rambles

March 28, 2013

it’s important that I use a website where i allow my thoughts to breathe. And by that I mean this blog is for those who are interested in the story and care to read the written word. For this reason I will do what it takes to maintain my wordpress blog, which has now become a destination to my long form rambles. Unlike Tumblr, It’s particularly awesome to hear back from a reader and that dialogue is fortunately still alive on wordpress. I do have a Tumblr page, but it serves a different purpose of more reactionary regurgitation’s. My posts on tumblr are a mix of personal and other artists works that I’m inspired by. So if you have a presence on Tumblr, you can click and follow me.

Alexandra, The Shower Series, 2012

Alexandra, The Shower Series

This post is an honor to the showers. As time has gone on…my showers have continued. I’ve been shooting them since 2009 now and I’ve learned that It’s not until you spend a few years doing something that you can really decode what the term “on going” means. People continue to visit the shower and that has been steadily amassing itself. I’m attaching a couple images below so you can catch a glimpse of endless new shower-ers. I hope that this will be a monograph soon? So stay tuned here to find out and Thanks for taking the time to read.

New Showers