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September 10, 2010

On my shoot with Railroad earth I also shot some individual portraits. Here is a slide show below that lets you see some of those. Also featured below is the very handsome Band leader from and alternate versions of some band shots that I still hold dear to my heart. Enjoy!

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Old 33, final piece in hand!

August 31, 2010

I am very excited to share this latest project with you all! I was hired to do the photography for Megan Palmer’s new album Old 33. Megan is extremely passionate musician with tons of talent to back it up, and yay, the production work on the album just wrapped up! Art direction and design of the package was done by the very talented Bill Gaines. On 18th of September at the Rockwood Music Hall, Megan Palmer will have the official NYC CD Release of Old 33. If you’re in town swing by I am certainly going to be there.

News from the East & West

August 31, 2010

Humble apologies, my friends sometimes too much time goes by in between my posts. Between shooting some personal, some commercial work life takes over and well before you know it its been over a couple weeks!

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Nicole Pasulka who did a fantastic Interview of my work titled In the flow. A screen grab of the interview is below. Also I was just selected as a Critical Mass 2010 finalist. Critical Mass is a competition put on by Photolucida which is a contemporary photo organization is based in Portland, Oregon. Almost 600 entries this year pre screened by a hundred plus jurors lead to a finalist list of 175 which I was humbly included in. Those who continue on in the top 175 Finalists will have their work seen, and voted on, by over 200 jurors which will lead to a Top 50 list regarded as highly prestigious to be a part of. I am in the final round so wish me luck folks! At least 20 of these 175 people who got selected I personally know, love and think off highly! So it’s a stiff competition to say the least.

Also I was honored to be invited by Ann Pallesen, the all too charming Gallery Director of PCNW, (Photographic Centre North West) for PhotoLust which is a photography fun raiser auction with a fantastic line up of artists! Keith Carter, Matthew Pillsbury, Daniel Shea, Joni Sternbach and Jock Sturges are in the show to name a random few… here is a link to the list of all invited artists for this show. If you live in Seattle, show some love for for the contemporary photo scene on October 2nd which is also incidentally the birth date of the great Mahatma Gandhi. To buy tickets for this event click here. The Photolust auction will take place both silently and live, so please support!

Installation shots of Paani at Richard Levy Gallery

August 6, 2010

My show has been up for half a month at Richard Levy Gallery and here are some installation shots from it. Thank you Jonathan Blaustein for the shout on A photo Editor, Thank you Elizabeth Avedon , Stella Kramer, David Bram and Andy Adams for tweeting and spreading the word on this show! The opening was well attended and the response was heartwarming. Here are glimpses into the space and layout!

Friction Lesson

August 5, 2010

After ages, I was contacted by Hannah Stephenson, a client from several years ago. Hannah as I remembered had a way with words which lead me to no surprise when she reintroduced herself as a contemporary poet authoring a charming and well attended blog called the Storialist. Hannah writes a new freshly brewed poem on her blog everyday and she happened to come across my work on Burn magazine online. It was so humbling to be contacted and told that my body of work was an inspiration for a poem she wrote. I share with you Hannah’s poem and I also dug up an image of hers from my archive to go with this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you Hannah!

Friction Lesson
by Hannah Stephenson

Tell me what happened, the way you, a boy, convinced another boy to kiss you on his sofa after school.

Tell me how you persuaded him wordlessly, one hand in the crease of the sofa’s yielding cushions, the other just above his knee, your fingers brushing corduroy the wrong way.

Randall Scott Gallery, Kris Graves Projects

July 13, 2010

This past weekend I had two openings in a row. First one was a big opening at the fair, Art Hampton’s with Randall Scott Gallery, The second one was at Kris Graves Projects titled Sultry II. My good friends Greg Miller and Gabriela Herman were both in this show with me! A couple pieces of news, Greg Miller recently started a blog titled “Dark Cloth Diaries” – hooray for him! So be an early bird and subscribe to it! Also Gabriela Herman, my favorite photo pow wow lady in nyc got accepted to the Eddie Adams Workshop, hooray for her too! You can feel free to take a look at her fabulous blog here!

In addition to the above I must say, one of the most exhaustive interviews I’ve spent time on has been for Stellazine. Stella Kramer is not only an all around quality person but also one of the most informed people in the photo industry. So if you’re smart, please meander around her blog, great insights on there!

Art Hampton's 2010

At Art Hampton's with Randall Scott

© Gabriela Herman

© Gabriela Herman

© Gabriela Herman

Standing with Gab H & Kris Graves. Kara Brodgesell (Holding Cam) © Tony Gale

Jelly Bean Dreams

July 13, 2010

This goes out to Jelly Bean! Mr. David Bram’s adorable daughter also called Jelly Bean. Mr. and Mrs. Bram was a gracious hosts and their daughter adorably referred to as Jelly bean was as cute as a buttoned up shirt. Here are a couple of moments with Jelly Bean in Mr. Bram’s backyard that gorgeously looks on to the Sandias in Albuquerque. Also Fraction Magazine Issue 16 from David Bram is out and shows off my friend David Laventi, a shout out to you brother!

Review Santa Fe, 2010

June 23, 2010

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

Center’s Review Santa Fe is a premier juried portfolio review event in the U.S. It is a weekend conference designed for photographers who have created a project or series and are seeking feedback, critical discourse and networking opportunities with professionals looking for new work. Up to 100 photographers are selected to meet with esteemed curators, editors, publishers, gallerists. Photographers receive 9 twenty-minute portfolio reviews, a night of Portfolio Viewing open to the public and inclusion in the online Photographers Listing.

I was humbled to be juried in with a group of fantastic shooters. Names that I’ve read that have reappeared on all the same haunts all of us photo junkies admire and respect. Andy Adams of Flak Photo and Aline Smithson of Lenscratch both of who have so kindly featured my work are currently spotlighting a selection of their favorite photographers from the mix. Many of who I greatly respect (and have perhaps even come to love!)

So let me begin with thanking to Sam Portera. Sam is a fantastic friend, great shooter and also sits on the board of PhotoNola, Many of pictures below are Sam’s, fantastic coverage of the event! Between him and I, this post is complete! David Bram of Fraction magazine also made this experience unforgettable. A thousand thank yous!

So I’ll always remember walking away from the Hilton which was a concrete block that held all of us artists in one place. It was my first understanding of the gorgeous landscape that surrounded us. Santa Fe was everything people said it would be, magical.

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

The kick of for this event was held at Zane Bennet Contemporary Art Gallery This welcome event was a perfect relaxer for everyone. Everyone got to know each other and it was great way to honor some of winners for another competition that the centre holds called the Project Awards. My home girl Justine Reyes, Dana Popa, Jonathan Blaustein and Sam Comen are some of the immediate names that come to mind. Brilliant to see their work on the walls. Here are a few images form the welcome event.

© Sam Portera, 2010

© Sam Portera, 2010

In the picture above from the left is myself, Ellen Rennard, Melanie Mcwhorter and Isa Leshko. All terrific ladies with passionate work to boot.

We walked over to a restaurant as group of 25 and pretty much took over the place. The restaurant was right next to the New mexico Rail runner train station. I love trains and above ground train stations, the location was perfect.

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

This is one of the last images of me shot at night. So the story goes, if there is a record of a picture of me making a moustache with my hair, the night must have been super swell :). The image below my manly mustache is one of the last batches of color in the sky for the night.

© Sam Portera, 2010
© Manjari Sharma, 2010

The next day everyone pretty much hit the ground running. The portfolio reviews happened in this grandioso room where you entered in with your portfolio and spent an intense 20 minutes with selected reviewers. The week prior to the event everyone had to send in their selections. This is what Review Santa fe is known for, an incredible list of reviewers.

© Sam Portera, 2010

Same day in the evening the room transformed into a space for an open public viewing which consisted of you displaying your wares and getting hit up by locals and pleasant surprises! Reviewers who you were hoping would swing by to look at your work, especially if you did not score them in your preferred list. The room was buzzing with energy, people walking around trying to inhale as much work as they can in the two hour time slot! Here are a few glimpses of the room and my table.

© Sam Portera, 2010

© Dana Sabastian

I can’t believe that there was a time I was thinking about not going?! What I have no pictures of is “The Chapel” a room dedicated for photographers. It was where all of us went to have our own show and tell session, feeding off of each other’s energies. I cannot think of a better way to get to learn about the community, myself and my work. Review Santa Fe is sure to burn a hole in my memory forever. Michael Sabastian’s wife Dana took the above image and Michael was probably one of the kindest men floating around in the conference. Talented, sweet and above all a friend in need 🙂
The last day wrapped up with a goodbye reception that was held at the museum! Here is final image. So the running joke for me was that I felt like all the homes with this particular style of architectural qualities resembled sopapillas! What say? 😉

In the days to come I will be spot lighting a few of my favorite poeple’s works; Carl Wooley, & Sarah Szwajkos both have a special place in my heart, so stay tuned for more Review Santa Fe recall!

Francine Fleischer

May 6, 2010

This photographer’s work was incredibly interesting to me. The Artist Statement below was stirring and captivating as well. Francine was recently a HHS contender and absolutely caught my eye as I was scrolling through the blog. Kudos Francine, great concept and even greater execution. I want to see a massive blow up of this image!

“This series was photographed in a sinkhole that was used for thousands of years by an ancient culture for human sacifice. Today, the deep water is used by thousands of tourists on holiday, for recreational swim. The contradiction of purposes is a bizarre and curious one. The swimmers seem oblivious to the history of the location although the darkness and depth of the water elude to another time and agenda.”

Simon Biswas

April 29, 2010

“This series of work is an homage to the long standing tradition of the open road. The ability to drive in any direction, or no direction at all. To tap into an artery that connects everybody to each other. To wake up in Arkansas and fall asleep in Santa Fe.”

Simon Biswas my country cousin, talented photograher and good friend is a featured photographer tonight at Dumbo’s fancy Superfine!

Simon’s show opens at 6 pm tonight amidst the NYPH festivities so please join me in celebrating his work if you can! You can find out more about his life and this crazy road trip by following his blog

Thursday, today April 29th, from 6-8pm, opening reception at


126 Front Street, Brooklyn, Ny
(718) 243-9005

Here is an additional teaser image that he shared with me for Ishaara!