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HSBC Billboards hit India

May 9, 2011

Talk about Indians outsourcing Indians from America. I shot for an agency in mumbai, client was HSBC. The entire shoot was watched on skype/gchat and aim. The shoot involved building of a humungo Brazilian flag needed to be constructed for it and the all too talented Jon Nazareth came to the production rescue.

A flag was built the models lined up like ducks in a row and the shoot was memorable. With 10 agency cats + clients pulling an all night’er in India our shoot was on time with a happy and content crew and photog. Here are some fun out takes from the shoot.

So here are the Billboards.



January 28, 2009

Conservatoria is a small village in the mountains about two hours from Rio that has a lot of history and music to boot. Also, comfy vacation resorts draw big city dwellers to this village for some peace and quiet. Having experienced the cushy resort life for a few days, I took a walk down a dirt road to capture some of the local flavor. After returning to NY, to my complete intrigue, I have learned that conservatoria is apparently a prime point of observation of OVNIs in Brazil. In portuguese that stands for Objecto Voador Não Identificado translation in inglês – Unidentified Flying Objects._ret0187_ret01961_ret02072

Pizza pie moment

January 24, 2009

This  is a popular beach game in Rio called Footvolley. A sport created in brazil in the mid 90’s. You can only use your feet, chest or head to play the ball, no hands. I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly symmetrical these boys divided themselves up, catching a dead centre football in the midst of it was like getting a cherry on your pie. _ret00683

Private Beach

January 24, 2009

A man stands on a private beach between Leblon & São Conrado, Rio  


January 22, 2009

I just returned from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A city full of people that embrace water like champions. I returned with delicious memories of incredible food, friendship from locals that will make you want to migrate in a heart beat and music that will turn your heart into a Cadbury cream egg. This image is one of my favorites. It attempts to capture the relationship between *Carioca’s and agua.  (A Carioca is what a local/native from Rio De Janeiro is called).