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Lord Ganesha!

September 30, 2011

While i’ve been silent on the social networks Its been a whirlwind for the last 20 days. I have much to catch you all up on! But here is how my trip kicked off.

I arrived a day before the Ganesh festival ended. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very celebrated festival in India and particularly Mumbai. This timing was intentional.
My trip is sandwiched between Ganesha Chaturthi and Navratri which is the Durga Festival. Inspirations of these idols surround the city with lights, festivities and tons of artistic inspiration. Painters and sculptors who have done this for years shine during this time.

Ganesh Chaturti in Pune - Shot by Urmit

Above is an image shot by a student and Camera assistant Urmit. This is a scene from the Ganesha idol being carried down the streets to be immersed into water. The idol lord Ganesha is placed in a decorated temple on the first day of this festival and then worshipped for days until it’s immersed in the waters only to return the following year. Here are some shots from the Ganesha Idol that was in our home in Mumbai.

The 2011 Ganesha idol at the Sharma residence

Mom and dad praying before the immerse the idol ta the beach

Dad lights the fire using camphor at a very windy Versova beach

Children rejoice as they sing hymns of Lord Ganesha

Taking the idol away for immersion on the last day of Ganesha Festival.

Streets gets jammed and traffic packed as people navigate to the shores with idols that fit in your palms to a few floors high. It’s quite the sight! It had been ten years since I had celebrated this festival with my parents and brother. I was glad to be home.


Darshan: Photographic Series on Indian Deities

June 29, 2011

I would like to Introduce you to my new project. It's called Darshan and I am trying to reach a targeted goal with this series. Please view the video and visit this link if you feel connected to the concept. If you would like to spread the word on it here is a short link

Darshan from Manjari Sharma on Vimeo.

Old 33, final piece in hand!

August 31, 2010

I am very excited to share this latest project with you all! I was hired to do the photography for Megan Palmer’s new album Old 33. Megan is extremely passionate musician with tons of talent to back it up, and yay, the production work on the album just wrapped up! Art direction and design of the package was done by the very talented Bill Gaines. On 18th of September at the Rockwood Music Hall, Megan Palmer will have the official NYC CD Release of Old 33. If you’re in town swing by I am certainly going to be there.

The Terrace

January 22, 2010

The terrace is my mom’s favorite place in our flat. I can certainly see why, but not only because I know she loves the space and all her little plants but also because I see it in my own special way; Very differently than her. It has a very peculiar geometry. If you follow this blog then you may have seen this post I made little earlier called Urban Organics which is also similarly reflective of my intrigue in intersecting lines, planes and randomly organized practical tools. The satellite dish antenna and clothes pins interspersed in this space is extremely intriguing to me. An organized yet chaotic scene, just like the entire country is. I love it more than I ever have. If that’s even possible.

Pictured below is my mom taking a whiff of her favorite flower the Mogra. It is incredibly fragrant & often strewn into a mini garland and draped around the hair. Pictured in the last image is the potted plant of the mogra that my mom returned the flower to. It’s my favorite planted pot on that terrace, covered in heavenly spongy green moss.

Devin Sprague

November 30, 2009

This is a portrait of Devin Sprague, who offcially turned seventeen two days ago. Devin, Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true.

Let’s Go Sailing

September 3, 2009

As promised in an earlier post, here are images of Devin Sprague, the nephew, sailing into the waters of Mattapoisett, MA. Sailing hits Devin’s sweet spot! It makes Devin happier than I’ve ever seen him be. We researched the wind speed, made sure it had the miles per hour we wanted and sailed into the water. The Captain was young, daring and ambitious. The photographer and the assistant were managing camera and lights and the sunlight and the water were like marmalade on fresh toast. Click on the images for a larger view!

Devin Sprague

September 1, 2009

Devin Sprague, my nephew has been of much intrigue to me lately. Let’s face it, the chance to be in the company of a 16 year old is rare; 20 and up is a different story, but 16 is a pretty amazing age. It’s Devin’s summer break right now, so he is earning some spare cash by helping out his dad who is Master Electrician and besides having other summer fun with his friends he has spent a good chunk of time restoring a recently acquired sailboat.

After acquiring this dream machine, Devin has taken the time to get this beauty oiled and souped up. It’s a treat to see his face light up when some one looks at him and says let’s go sailing! We started with shooting some portraits of him and his boat at his home base. Then we drove this boat up to the wharf in Mattapoisett, MA. and Yes I was in photo heaven. Stay tuned for the images of sailing to follow. But first, here are some portraits.


Hottest Grandparents ever

August 11, 2009

Terri and Kenny my sister and brother in-laws have a brand spanking new grandson, Cameron, who is now about one month old. Cameron is beautiful and born to a very young set of parents! But his grandparents hardly qualify for their new found title. Terri and Kenny haven’t even broken 40 which makes them so damn young to have a grandchild. terrikenny I must say though it is beautiful to see them interact with this baby boy. As Terri said, when she looked into Cameron’s eyes for the first time, she felt an emotion kick in that she didn’t even know she had. These two make not only some of the most handsome but also the proudest grandparent’s i’ve seen. I just couldn’t help but break out the lights when I saw this moment before me.