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Darshan: Photographic Series on Indian Deities

June 29, 2011

I would like to Introduce you to my new project. It's called Darshan and I am trying to reach a targeted goal with this series. Please view the video and visit this link if you feel connected to the concept. If you would like to spread the word on it here is a short link

Darshan from Manjari Sharma on Vimeo.


On my mind

March 31, 2011

Thomas Albdorf

Thomas Holton

Kwashima Kotori

Jason Nocito

Sam Comen

Gautier Pellegrin

Kara Brodesgella

Jake Stangel

Vince Contarino

Elinor Caruchi

Amaury Da Cunha

DoDo Jin Ming

Igasi Cunill

Christopher Dibble

Yan Copelli

David Mascha

Dalton Rooney

Chris Frazer Smith

Lauren Treece

Amaury da Cunha

Yuki Onodera

Roger Ballen

Herbert G Pointing @ The Empty Quarter

February 16, 2011

When I was in Dubai which was a few weeks, I visited a fantastic photography gallery called The Empty Quarter. Elie, the proud owner of the gallery is kind, gracious and has a great roster of people and shows. The exhibition that was up when I visited was a really memorable one. It made you instantly feel sort of lame about ever complaining about carrying around one too many lenses on your back. No pain, no gain folks. People die for their art and for what they believe in. Here is a quick read on what this show was about.


In 1910, the Terra Nova expedition set itself the glorious task of conquering the South Pole. Captain Robert Falcon Scott led a group of men in a long and excruciating venture, which ultimately ended with their tragic death. Scott and his men died on their way back from the Pole, overcome by extreme cold, exhaustion and starvation.

“All the daydreams must go”, wrote Scott in his diary. But the dreams, the ambitions and the beauty of Scott’s journey did not fade away:

Herbert G. Ponting, recruited as ‘camera artist’ for the Terra Nova expedition, left over 1700 glass plate negatives as a testimony of the Antarctic venture, now marking its centennial anniversary.

Some of these pictures were just raw, honest and printed to perfection. I know am a richer person for seeing these come to life before me. I encourage you to visit the gallery webpage and read up a bit about the legacy Mr. Pointing left behind. Below is the fabulous gallery owner Elie.

The Worst Journey in the World – Captain Scott

Portrait of Mr. Herbert G Pointing

Elie, owner and curator at The Empty Quarter, DIFC, Dubai

On my mind

February 14, 2011

Jonathan Smith

Kara Brodgesell

Susanne Revy

Simon Menner

Neil Krug

Newsha Tavakolian

Keith Sharp

Alexander Crispin

Doris Salcedo

Kara Brodgesell

On my mind

January 29, 2011

Sophie Alexander

Alex Webb

Louis Gonzales Palma

Matt Eich

Noemi Goudal

Alfredo Srur

Happy 2011!

January 3, 2011

I just snapped off this image as firecrackers lit up the sky in Mumbai…hope all my readers and their families have a splendid 2011. Here’s to another year of growing together!

Espacio Nudage – Spain

December 20, 2010

I am currently in Mumbai, India. This time I am here sooner than I expected to be and the weather is more than perfect! Mumbai for those of you who don’t know is the city I was born and raised in … all my updates from here on will be from India. I am scheduled to return to the states on Feb 12th in order to attend the closing of my solo show in Los Angeles. You can read more about it on this link. If you live in LA and read this blog, please stop in and say hello at Kopeikin Gallery.

So about a month ago I got an email from Mike Kent who was in charge of coordinating the photo entries for Espacio Nudage. I had never heard of this event before but I was invited to submit my work for the contemporary photography section. This is the first time this event is being held in the city of Santader, Spain. A gorgeous city with views of the mountains and bays and a incredible spanish history in addition! The event was being sponsored by the council of culture and tourism and I submitted my work and waited patiently while I browsed images of Santander Spain, it’s a gorgeous place, here are some images below to give you a sense of the landscape and some old Spanish architecture there.

I just heard back and was selected as one of ten photographers from several entries and was informed that I will be flown in and put up so I could attend the exhibition and see my work in a brand new country. I am humbled beyond words and am so glad to have gotten the opportunity. A shout out to Mike kent for being so easy to work with and I can hardly wait until I set foot on a totally different piece of the planet. I don’t speak spanish but hope to pick up a little bit while I am there. I will keep you posted about the show and other details!

Favorite test shoot, 2010

December 17, 2010

I shot this test a couple months ago and instantly knew it would be a dedicated post of its own. I used an old european bed sheet for the background of this one. The styling inspiration came from my models mother… which was Ukranian fashion in the 80’s. To that
we mixed in a very 2000 prop from or everyday New York life…your average bike helmet. I particularly find the bike helmet turning into to the pelvic structure rather entertaining. I think this somehow makes me feel it could be a british pop album cover.

A love affair with the Hassy

December 17, 2010

I was really fortunate to have had this novel experience in this summer of 2010. Hasselblad gave me this fantastic opportunity. All props to Jim Rooney, the north eastern rep for Hasselblad USA for selecting me for it! I know Jim from meeting him randomly at my very first photo expo in nyc 3 years ago .. also I met him agian while working at Steve Mccurry’s studio when steve was buying some hassy equipment. In short, Jim kept an eye on my work and offered me this brilliant chance to play with some seriously pro tools!

I was given over 60,000 worth of equipment for a couple months to shoot, test and explore. This toys I got included the fantastic 40 mega pixel H4D40 and three top of the line lenses to go with it. The camera was like a tank and horse put together and the image quality was sex on toast. I shot pretty much every single day if i could help it! I posted on hasselblad’s own website called Hassynyc as I explored with the camera. Below is a grab of the hassynyc site to give you an idea of what it looked like.

On my mind

December 17, 2010

Since my blog Ishaara’s inception, I’ve had this repeat section on here called “on my mind”. In this section I showcase a smattering of artist works. Here is a list of artist’s whose works have been on my mind for the last couple months. I encourage you to to click on the names of artists, they are all hot linked to their websites.. Enjoy.

Adam Batchelor

Daniel Shea

Shen Wei

Jody Rogac

Luis Sanchis

Andrew B Myers

Jane Alden Stevens

Lucie & Simon


Thomas Rousset

Tony Fouhse