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Lord Ganesha!

September 30, 2011

While i’ve been silent on the social networks Its been a whirlwind for the last 20 days. I have much to catch you all up on! But here is how my trip kicked off.

I arrived a day before the Ganesh festival ended. Ganesh Chaturthi is a very celebrated festival in India and particularly Mumbai. This timing was intentional.
My trip is sandwiched between Ganesha Chaturthi and Navratri which is the Durga Festival. Inspirations of these idols surround the city with lights, festivities and tons of artistic inspiration. Painters and sculptors who have done this for years shine during this time.

Ganesh Chaturti in Pune - Shot by Urmit

Above is an image shot by a student and Camera assistant Urmit. This is a scene from the Ganesha idol being carried down the streets to be immersed into water. The idol lord Ganesha is placed in a decorated temple on the first day of this festival and then worshipped for days until it’s immersed in the waters only to return the following year. Here are some shots from the Ganesha Idol that was in our home in Mumbai.

The 2011 Ganesha idol at the Sharma residence

Mom and dad praying before the immerse the idol ta the beach

Dad lights the fire using camphor at a very windy Versova beach

Children rejoice as they sing hymns of Lord Ganesha

Taking the idol away for immersion on the last day of Ganesha Festival.

Streets gets jammed and traffic packed as people navigate to the shores with idols that fit in your palms to a few floors high. It’s quite the sight! It had been ten years since I had celebrated this festival with my parents and brother. I was glad to be home.


Madrid, Spain

April 21, 2011

On the way to Nidhivan

March 29, 2011

In my travels in India I visited teh holy city of Vrindavan, a place of mystery, religion and a superior form of organized chaos. This image was made on my way to Nidhivan.

Bada Bagh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

March 12, 2011

On the day I went to Bada Bagh, I met a very warm family who allowed me to make some images of them with the 4×5. The camera seemed to gain their interest, they asked me a lot of questions about the format; Some of them included if this camera made movies and if this meant they would appear on the television the next day.

Off Shore

December 18, 2010

I wandered into one of the oldest Mumbai fishing village’s with my friend Himanshu Joshi who usually knows a lot of off the beaten bath places in and around India. This is because he runs a terrific program called the Wild Holidays. Those of you who love India, I hope you get the chance to to travel with this gem of a man sometime. With years of experience on guiding adventurous expeditions, Himanshu truly knows how the country should be experienced.

So here are some images from a small fishing village that we went to. The fishermen and their families have a great respect for these boats that are built, painted and set ashore for several day long fishing trips. When we arrived there on a crisp Sunday morning, it was a special occasion because a few boats had been freshly completed and the families of the fisherman were holding prayers ceremonies on every completed boat. The scale of these massive boats parked off shore and on the village’s land was a quite a sight to remember. Here are some images to accompany the story.


October 5, 2010

I’ve donated a piece in support of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective. They have a nice cocktail party/ reception to celebrate the opening for this on October 5th, Tuesday. The art is a mix of different mediums take a look at the thumbnails below.
You should come to the benefit if you can folks. it will be a great cause and I will most certainly be there. If you are interested at all in supporting this, there are only 15 tickets left at this point. It sells out every year! Click here for details!

If you can’t go pass the word on to someone else who would like do their good deed for the year! Help a non profit keep their dream and flame of supporting emerging South Asian Women Artists alive and burning. Please re blog and post on some social networks if you can!


September 10, 2010

On my shoot with Railroad earth I also shot some individual portraits. Here is a slide show below that lets you see some of those. Also featured below is the very handsome Band leader from and alternate versions of some band shots that I still hold dear to my heart. Enjoy!

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Colin’s House

August 10, 2010

For years I have been hearing from everyone in my husbands family about summer vacations spent in Colin’s house. My husband Bill Gaines and his siblings Kenny and Terri have had irreplaceable childhood memories that all took place on Mr. Colin’s Property. Cabins with a musty scent, eroding sandpits, seaweed, secrets interlaced, told, forgotten. This summer three generations of the gaines’s… grand papa and mama Gaines, their children, spouses and the grandchildren all went down to visit their landmark summer spot.

I not only got to visit Colin’s home which is on a beautiful lake in Massachusetts but also got to spend a lot of time there exploring the space. As the Gaines family lead me on guided tours telling me stories of what happened and where all over that topography, I felt as if I was taking a walk into history; Into rooms and landscapes that were shaped for me just as much with that New England earth and air, as they were with reverie and fantasy. Presenting to you spotty glimpses of the fabled home of Colin Taylor.

Review Santa Fe, 2010

June 23, 2010

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

Center’s Review Santa Fe is a premier juried portfolio review event in the U.S. It is a weekend conference designed for photographers who have created a project or series and are seeking feedback, critical discourse and networking opportunities with professionals looking for new work. Up to 100 photographers are selected to meet with esteemed curators, editors, publishers, gallerists. Photographers receive 9 twenty-minute portfolio reviews, a night of Portfolio Viewing open to the public and inclusion in the online Photographers Listing.

I was humbled to be juried in with a group of fantastic shooters. Names that I’ve read that have reappeared on all the same haunts all of us photo junkies admire and respect. Andy Adams of Flak Photo and Aline Smithson of Lenscratch both of who have so kindly featured my work are currently spotlighting a selection of their favorite photographers from the mix. Many of who I greatly respect (and have perhaps even come to love!)

So let me begin with thanking to Sam Portera. Sam is a fantastic friend, great shooter and also sits on the board of PhotoNola, Many of pictures below are Sam’s, fantastic coverage of the event! Between him and I, this post is complete! David Bram of Fraction magazine also made this experience unforgettable. A thousand thank yous!

So I’ll always remember walking away from the Hilton which was a concrete block that held all of us artists in one place. It was my first understanding of the gorgeous landscape that surrounded us. Santa Fe was everything people said it would be, magical.

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

The kick of for this event was held at Zane Bennet Contemporary Art Gallery This welcome event was a perfect relaxer for everyone. Everyone got to know each other and it was great way to honor some of winners for another competition that the centre holds called the Project Awards. My home girl Justine Reyes, Dana Popa, Jonathan Blaustein and Sam Comen are some of the immediate names that come to mind. Brilliant to see their work on the walls. Here are a few images form the welcome event.

© Sam Portera, 2010

© Sam Portera, 2010

In the picture above from the left is myself, Ellen Rennard, Melanie Mcwhorter and Isa Leshko. All terrific ladies with passionate work to boot.

We walked over to a restaurant as group of 25 and pretty much took over the place. The restaurant was right next to the New mexico Rail runner train station. I love trains and above ground train stations, the location was perfect.

© Manjari Sharma, 2010

This is one of the last images of me shot at night. So the story goes, if there is a record of a picture of me making a moustache with my hair, the night must have been super swell :). The image below my manly mustache is one of the last batches of color in the sky for the night.

© Sam Portera, 2010
© Manjari Sharma, 2010

The next day everyone pretty much hit the ground running. The portfolio reviews happened in this grandioso room where you entered in with your portfolio and spent an intense 20 minutes with selected reviewers. The week prior to the event everyone had to send in their selections. This is what Review Santa fe is known for, an incredible list of reviewers.

© Sam Portera, 2010

Same day in the evening the room transformed into a space for an open public viewing which consisted of you displaying your wares and getting hit up by locals and pleasant surprises! Reviewers who you were hoping would swing by to look at your work, especially if you did not score them in your preferred list. The room was buzzing with energy, people walking around trying to inhale as much work as they can in the two hour time slot! Here are a few glimpses of the room and my table.

© Sam Portera, 2010

© Dana Sabastian

I can’t believe that there was a time I was thinking about not going?! What I have no pictures of is “The Chapel” a room dedicated for photographers. It was where all of us went to have our own show and tell session, feeding off of each other’s energies. I cannot think of a better way to get to learn about the community, myself and my work. Review Santa Fe is sure to burn a hole in my memory forever. Michael Sabastian’s wife Dana took the above image and Michael was probably one of the kindest men floating around in the conference. Talented, sweet and above all a friend in need 🙂
The last day wrapped up with a goodbye reception that was held at the museum! Here is final image. So the running joke for me was that I felt like all the homes with this particular style of architectural qualities resembled sopapillas! What say? 😉

In the days to come I will be spot lighting a few of my favorite poeple’s works; Carl Wooley, & Sarah Szwajkos both have a special place in my heart, so stay tuned for more Review Santa Fe recall!

Test shots from Indian Ad shoot

April 23, 2010

I am referring to a recent advertising shoot I had in India. This fine gentleman delivered chai to my photography set. Handsome young strapping delhi boy who had a great personality and character. Ram was standing in for the models that were about to come. Since the advertising shoot cannot be released yet I decided to share a teaser from the test shoot. This one is for Ram from Laxya Models, my production house from delhi. Thanks Ram.