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Jelly Bean Dreams

July 13, 2010

This goes out to Jelly Bean! Mr. David Bram’s adorable daughter also called Jelly Bean. Mr. and Mrs. Bram was a gracious hosts and their daughter adorably referred to as Jelly bean was as cute as a buttoned up shirt. Here are a couple of moments with Jelly Bean in Mr. Bram’s backyard that gorgeously looks on to the Sandias in Albuquerque. Also Fraction Magazine Issue 16 from David Bram is out and shows off my friend David Laventi, a shout out to you brother!


Simon Biswas

April 29, 2010

“This series of work is an homage to the long standing tradition of the open road. The ability to drive in any direction, or no direction at all. To tap into an artery that connects everybody to each other. To wake up in Arkansas and fall asleep in Santa Fe.”

Simon Biswas my country cousin, talented photograher and good friend is a featured photographer tonight at Dumbo’s fancy Superfine!

Simon’s show opens at 6 pm tonight amidst the NYPH festivities so please join me in celebrating his work if you can! You can find out more about his life and this crazy road trip by following his blog

Thursday, today April 29th, from 6-8pm, opening reception at


126 Front Street, Brooklyn, Ny
(718) 243-9005

Here is an additional teaser image that he shared with me for Ishaara!

Tear Sheet

April 23, 2010

Quick picture of a tear sheet that just came in from American Lawyer a magazine I shot for while I was in Mumbai. The shoot took place at the CNBC studios and these two lovely ladies were the hosts for a show called The Firm, the only existing show on corporate law in India. The show has great ratings and American Lawyer in the US decided to cover it. I got hired to shoot it for Photo Editor, Maggie Soladay who recently made an epic trip to India and you can see of here work here.

Sultry II

April 21, 2010

Coming up in July in the doozieland of Brooklyn Galleries is Sultry II, a group show put together by the very awesome curator and photographer Kris GravesMyself, one of my good friends namely Gabriela Herman and some wholesomely good artists will be a part of it. Please refer to Kris’s scribbles below. Stay tuned for more!

Homage to Burn and Lens scratch

April 21, 2010

I share with you today two recent pieces of press on my work. Both these blogs below have been very important for me … I’ve read them, respected them and learnt from them. To be featured on them has been a treat to remember. Thank you Aline and David for the honor.

Here is a link to the post on Burn Magazine’s Website, David Alan Harvey’s Blog

Here is link to the post on Lens Scratch, Aline Smithson’s Blog


March 16, 2010

Dear Jacqueline, besides the subscribers of Ishaara and passer by’s who are lingering long enough to read. This post is for me and you. You have won the hearts of many, including the Photo Editor who had only initially decided to make the shower series a feature story. Pdn Edu informed me that this feature will consist of a 5 page interview story in the Spring 2010 issue of Pdn Edu. This year the focus was portraiture. Of course, I was thrilled! To add to the excitement I also just heard that they chose my image of you as a cover. Thank you for having faith in the series a lot earlier than most of the world jumped on to endorse it.